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How Toxic Are Children’s Toys?



Shopping for toys is usually a fun excursion for both parent and the child - the child is squealing with delight in the toy store and parents out of love and affection just want to buy their kids whatever their adorable daughter or son wants!

We don't want to alarm you but parents should have all the information - especially when it comes to their little one's health & safety.

There have been recent news reports which stated some very surprising facts. Unregulated toy manufacturing and distribution has resulted in many products for children which are not safe to use - there are harmful chemicals that can cause long term damage to a child's health! 

Are EVEN toys not safe for kids?

Recent surveys, on a global & national level found that children toys that were tested were found to have a high level of chemicals and toxins.

Even sippy cups, used by every toddler and kid, were not safe! What was very alarming that even products with safety labels such as 'BPA Free' were found to be have harmful chemicals.

Is your child’s health affected by substandard quality of toys?

If the toys are not being manufactured within toy safety guidelines, you are most likely buying toxic toys for your child.

This is how harmful common toxins can found in substandard toys can be to kids: 

    Bisphenol A (BPA) : Commonly found toxin in toys known to disrupt hormonal system in babies. It negatively impacts behavioural and emotional aspects of girls and can lead to early puberty in girls. Health experts have found that BPA can also lead to depression and anxiety in boys.

    Lead (PB): The most harmful talked about toxin in the medical world as it is considered dangerous for most of our body organs, especially the nervous system. Lead is used as a stabilizer in some of the toys which are made of PVC plastic.

    Cadmium (Cd):  Cadmium is a carcinogen and affects children’s bone health and more importantly their brain development if ingested in large amounts. If you are wondering where in your kid’s toys could cadmium be, it could be in the surface painting of the toys, kids jewellery or can also be used in the base.

    Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs): There is a class of BFRs which can disrupt the thyroid functioning, liver and is also considered as a carcinogen. This is by far the most common toxin found in toys.
    So much so is its prominence that even Barbie dolls found in China consisted of this toxin.

    Toxicity In Indian Toys

    A global survey was conducted to detect toxins in plastic toys across the world by very reputable organisations - among participants was a Delhi-based environmental organization named ‘Toxics Link’ and several samples from various Delhi markets had been forwarded.

    The study’s results were alarming as four out of six samples had much higher amounts of OctaBDE and DecaBDE toxins than prescribed safety limits.

    How do you keep toxic toys at bay?

    It is natural for your kids to want attractive, bright & colorful toys.

    However, since toxins in toys are rampant (even from major brands) be very careful about what you're buying especially if your kid is likely to be sucking on it or putting toys in its mouth.

    Imported toys from China have been banned in India in the past because of high-level of toxins so be aware of company and brand reputation while buying.

    These days many local companies in India are manufacturing toys from wood and other sustainable material like rubber, organic cloth etc and they use dyes which are made from vegetables & fruits are safe and non-toxic.

    Kids don't really need a lot of toys and many things around the house can be made into toys. It's wise to buy toys only from very well known brands so as to avoid compromising the child's health in the long run!