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Little kids are so prone to injury. Can child proofing keep them safer?


Can Child Proofing Prevent Your Kids From Home-Accidents?

‘Curiosity Kills The Cat’ - haven't we all heard that?! But in fact, the level of curiosity in kids often becomes the measure of intelligence. It is in their nature to ask questions, to set themselves on little quests of what that drawer holds, an anticipation of whether this pill (which could very well be for killing pests) tastes like the other toffees, or will I fly like my superhero when I step out through the spaces of the parapet.

While their little adventures might give you sagas to tell when they grow up, there is a grave possibility of them being injured. And more than everything, the curiosity phase is rather a long one and it's a mammoth task for any busy multi-tasking parent to keep an eye on their child's every move....every minute of every day right?!


So how does one keep kids safe from dangers lurking within  walls of their own residence?

Childproofing to the rescue! Although the concept of baby proofing is not at all new and has been widely adopted in western countries, it's only recently started catching on in Indian metros -  given that most apartments or houses in India are not designed with a child's safety in mind, it's time to take matters in your own hand and mitigate risks and chances of injuries to hyperactive toddlers and kids who fear nothing!

Must-try tactics to Childproof Your Home

  • Safety latches on drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms can keep your kids from accessing sharp objects such as knife and scissors, chemically hazardous cleaners, and other objectionable things which you don’t want your kids to play with.
  • Safety Gates come in real handy if you have a staircase at home - every time the child goes anywhere near the staircase, your heart probably starts pounding. Accidental falls on a staircase can give anyone nightmares. But there's a simple fix - just secure any area with a safety gate where you think your kid might be in danger without your presence. 
  • Balcony Safety Net are a great buy when you have balconies with grills (most common in apartments) or open balconies with banisters.  Not only does the safety net prevent your child from putting their hand in the grills, it prevents them from accidentally getting stuck and hurting themselves.
  • Electric socket covers for lower level plug points or electric panels are an absolute must! It's the riskiest thing and socket covers are an easy and inexpensive fix. I don't think any adult needs to be An accidental electric shock is one of the most hurtful accidents and has the potency to damage your kid’s health for a lifetime.
  • 'Anti-fall Safety straps' are a very effective way to secure 'Standing Furniture' like a bookshelf, television, display rack or a lightweight cabinet which are usually installed as stand alone units. Basically, these pieces of furniture are not fastened to the wall and risk tipping over by a child who's exploring or pushing on it. You can either opt for childproof latches of metal or use 'safety straps' to  the wall you won’t need to worry about anything heavy falling on your kid.
  • Toilets are a hazard for young children! Not only are they home to bacteria and viruses, huge water spouts and nozzles can really hurt if a kid trips or slips in a wet bathroom. To start with, securing lids of the toilet seat with latches will make sure your kid doesn't use this place as a toy storage! If you have a bathtub, make sure you keep the outlet always open when not in use. In case your kid opens the tap, the tub will not get filled saving any accidental drowning. Water spout covers are taps are also very useful to avoid head injuries.
  • Bumping into sharp objects or corners seems to be a rite of passage while growing up! Don't we all relate to the searing pain?  So let’s spare our little ones today from these injuries - there are some good quality corner guards available in the market which will keep your kids from having a bumpy head!

By no means, is this list exhaustive. Most parents have this idea of child-proofing being an enormous task or a complicated one. We assure you - It's neither!

In fact, with just half a dozen contraptions, you should be able to child proof your house in the span of an afternoon.

Bumps & bruises are surely part of growing up -- but let's keep kids safe from injuries from sharp objects or unstable furniture much as possible.

And here's another big advantage! A much more relaxed set of parents who aren't fretting every time your kid crawls into the balcony or the bathroom!