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Intuitive GPS Trackers that keep you informed about your loved ones at all times. Keep your worries at bay, and loved ones close!

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What is MySpottr

MySpottr is a small & powerful GPS tracker designed for children. Equipped with automatic location alerts, 2-way calling and location sharing features, you can now keep track of your kids in real-time.

MySpottr helps make parenting hassle-free. With a user-friendly mobile app, check on your kids' location and keep track of their daily activity with timestamps.


Circle of Trust

Family members & close friends can be made part of 'Circle of Trust'. This ensures that a known person always has an eye on your child.


Create unlimited 'SafeZones' (school, home, tennis classes etc) and get notifications in real-time whenever the child enters/exits these locations. 


MySpottr comes with its own SIM card. Its connectivity is supported all over India and will soon be expanded to over 50+ countries!

Designed keeping children in mind

You need not give a cell phone to your child at such a young age. They need not remember all the important numbers in your family. Your child's location is always known to you

MySpottr for Children
  • SOS Calls

    SOS button or a 'Panic Button' when pressed will instantly call members in 'Circle of Trust' until someone answers.

  • Superior Build Quality

    MySpottr is rugged & sturdy, weighs less than 30 gms and is water resistant: water splashes and moderate rain won't damage it.

  • Integrated Calling Provision

    With an in-built SIM Card, speaker, and microphone; in the press of a single button, your child will be in touch with you.

  • Impressive Battery Life

    24-120 hours of battery life depending on child's movements. Smart GPS tracker switches off automatically during periods of inactivity.


I need this device to make sure my baby is safe. Owing how crowded Delhi is

and the rising  crime rates, I am willing to go to any extent to make sure

my baby is safe

I want spottr cause my child goes to school and to many activities and its important for me to keep a track of her.

It will allow us to have eyes on our children.

I want to ensure that I get alerted when my child moves out of the comfort